Internet Promise Group® LLC was formed in January 2000 as a research and development organization to develop new innovative technologies and products across a very large spectrum of applications that would make the Internet more secure, useful, and user friendly.

Given the breadth and scope of technologies the Group innovates in, it operates as three divisions of:

  •  Secure Payment Systems
  •  Information and Cyber Security, and
  •  Exceptional Technology.

        Areas of technological innovation and product development for each of them is summarized here:

Secure Payment Systems Inc.

      The mission and vision of Secure Payment Systems is based on the premise, that in this age of global information risk, there is no need to spread personal sensitive data in thousands of computer files and paper records. A mission that is partly driven by identity theft crisis in the United States.

       We have begun to stake a dominant leadership position in developing new products and technologies in:

 Anywhere, Anyone at Anytime
           off-line, on-line, and remote payments without giving out sensitive bankcard, bank account data, and signature data to the merchants and others. Our product lines have following unique features:
  •  Use ultra secure and ultra convenient interfaces to the customer’s own sensitive bank data,
  •  Facilitate payment transaction using existing payment authorization networks, and
  •  Do not touch the funds being transferred.

           The first product in this line, THE ULTIMATE®, is a new breed of payment card that will be introduced soon to the public.

         THE ULTIMATE® is a secure overlay payment card, is based on secure overlay technology that facilitates secure use of existing credit cards at existing point of sale terminals. THE ULTIMATE payment card in its operation, is transparent both to the merchants and the banks.

       THE ULTIMATE is a front-end id theft solution that (i) stops fraudulent bankcard transactions at the source, (ii) prevents transfer of Customer's bank sensitive data to merchants, and (iii) reduces the regulatory compliance burden on businesses to protect consumer data.

       THE ULTIMATE, thus provides the most effective and promising ID theft deterrent product technology.  THE ULTIMATE is a first member of a broader suite of technologies of Personal Identity Protection and Payments Systems (PIPPS)


Cyber Secure Inc.

       This division has developed and is pioneering the development of many new innovative products and technologies for information and cyber security.  A brief summary of each of these is provided here:

  •    New Remote User Authentication System (NRUAS), that provides two factor plus authentication without relying on long and complex passwords and then adding costly and logistically complex security tokens or even biometrics.
  •    Router Based Authentication Systems (RBAS), a form of authentication that reduces reliance on firewalls and intrusion detection and prevention systems for access control.
  •    E-mail Security, (CEMSS), that implements a unique e-mail sender signature, without a digital id, that identifies the mail sender.
  •    Wireless Security, uses a new form of encryption called Ambiguity Envelope Security™ (AES) that uses the innovative technology of jitter-keys™ that makes it impossible to decipher and spoof wirelessly transmitted data.
  •     Enhanced Internet Security via a Packet Validation Architecture that eliminates the propagation and dissemination of data packets throughout the Internet at the root router level, data packets whose source cannot be validated.
  •     I-Archive data back up security for small and medium size businesses that gives such businesses the same data backup security as enjoyed by large businesses without any expenditures on staff, hardware, and software.
  •     GOPAN®, a new form of data storage technology that protects, conceals and defends the ID theft sensitive data in computer systems, using innovative defacing technologies specifically developed for ID Theft sensitive data.
Exceptional Technology Inc.

         This division innovates across a large spectrum of products and technologies, such as:

  •    E-commerce system related to wear apparel that facilitates size and fitting evaluation of wear apparel by a shopper on the Internet before making a purchase decision.
  •    Educational games based on strategy, that serve the needs for entertainment and education for a large age group without using the currently prevalent game modalities based on mayhem, violence, sports, and games of chance.
  •    New Modes of Transportation (NMT™) that specifically address deficiencies of current modes of transportation manifested as the traffic caused pollution and congestion and related inefficiencies in large metropolitan areas.
  •    New methods and technologies to fight large forest fires from inside, effectively and efficiently from a distance.
  •    New forms of Agile and Interactive Workout that use visual solid light bars.
  •    New ways to deflect the force of explosives as a protection for vehicles in a war zone.
  •    Ergonomic and efficient controls for hand-held computer based devices.


        Please call us for a briefing on any of our innovative products and technologies mentioned above.
Contact: Tara Chand, Esq., BSEE, MSSE, CISSP 
Founder & CEO
Internet Promise Group®  LLC
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